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Saiga-410 Self-loading smooth bored shotgun

The "Saiga-410", "Saiga-410S" and "Saiga-410K" self-loading smooth bored shotguns are intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game.


The shotguns feature .410-ga. barrels with the chambers which accept the ammo equipped with either shot or slugs, including "Magnum" with 65, 70, 73 and 76 mm cartridge case.

The shotguns are developed on the base of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and demonstrate high reliability under the adverse conditions.

The receiver features a rail to accommodate an optical-sight mount. The butt and fore end may be made of wood (beech, birch and walnut) or polymer (extra-strong polyamide). For the purpose of diversifying operational capabilities, the barrels may be equipped with the muzzle adapters of different chokes and adapter "Paradox" as well.

    The shotgun versions;
  • "Saiga-410" -the self-loading smooth bored shotgun with a straight hunting butt;
  • "Saiga-410S" -the self-loading smooth bored shotgun with a folding butt and pistol grip made of polymer.
  • "Saiga-410 K" - the self-loading smooth bored shotgun with a folding polymer butt, polymer for end, short barrel and trigger-locking mechanism for the purpose of preventing it from firing with the butt folded.
  • "Saiga-410 K" version 01 - the self-loading smooth bored shotgun with a short barrel and folding butt. Its design follows that of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.
  • "Saiga-410 K" version 02 - the self-loading smooth bored shotgun with a short barrel, folding frame butt, made of metal or polymer. The fore end and handguard are made of wood. The gun design follows that of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The shotgun "Saiga-410K" version 01 and "Saiga-410K" version 02 feature an universal iron sight with two settings: 25 m -for shot firing and 50 m - for slug firing. The front sight, found on the barrel end, improves accuracy of slug firing. The front sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The iron sight allows to deliver fire with the optical sight in place. A ten-round magazine improves fire power of the shotgun to a great extent.


  Saiga-410 Saiga-410S Saiga-410К Saiga-410К version 01 Saiga-410К version 01
Gauge .410
Cartridge .410 Magnum
Barrel length, mm* 570* 570 330 404
Magazine capacity, rounds 2; 4; 10 4; 10
Weight of shotgun, empty magazine, kg



Overall length, mm 1170 1080 840 910
Length with folded butt, mm - 840 595 670

* - On special order the shotgun may be delivered with 483- or 612-mm barrel length.



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