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RECORD-CISM, RECORD-308-CISM large-bore standard sporting rifles

The "Record-CISM" and "Record-308-CISM" large-bore standard rifles are intended for target shooting at a 300-m range in men's exercises in prone, standing and kneeling positions within the program of International Shooting Union (CISM).

Record-CISM with dioptrical sight
    The versions of the rifles differ in their complete sets:
  • rifle with a dioptrical sight;
  • rifle with a safety, iron sight and bipods;
  • rifle with a safety, iron and optical sights and bipods.
    Each version may be manufactured in the following three modifications:
  • N - with standard accuracy of fire;
  • P - with improved accuracy of fire;
  • V - with high accuracy of fire.
    The complete set contains:
  • anti-glimmer band;
  • adjustable diopter with built-in light filters; *
  • set of non-adjustable diopters; *
  • blind; *
  • set of front sights; *
  • changeable front-sight bodies and intermediate base for sight line elevation adjustment; *
  • set of changeable spacers for the butt comb and pad adjustment;
  • two extra magazines;
  • magazine plug for single-shot fire;
  • tool kit for adjustments, assembly and disassembly;
  • set of accessories for cleaning and lubrication;
  • sling;
  • carrying case;
    * for rifles with dioptrical sight.
Record-308-CISM with dioptrical sight


Caliber, mm 7.62
Cartridge "Extra" (7.62x54R)
Accuracy of fire at 300-m range for each modification, mm, max:

Barrel length, mm 650
Trigger pull, adjustable, kgf 1.5...2.04
Trigger travel, adjustable, mm
for version with safety
Amount of butt adjustment in length, mm 20
Amount of butt comb adjustment, mm
- in vertical plane
- in horizontal plane

Amount of butt pad adjustment from neutral position, mm
-up and down
-right and left

Magazine capacity, rounds 10
Weight (w/o optical sight, bipods and accessories), kg 1220x250x100
Overall dimensions, mm 5.5


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