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AKM (AK-47) Kalashnikov modernized assault rifle, caliber 7.62mm (PDF)


AKM Kalashnikov modernized assault rifle, cal. 7.62mm is an individual weapon intended to neutralize the enemy manpower. The assault rifle is equipped with the knife-bayonet to engage the enemy manpower in hand-to-hand fighting.

The assault rifle is capable of delivering both automatic and sing le-shot fire. Automatic fire is the main method of firing: fire may be delivered in short bursts (up to 5 shots), in long bursts (up to 10 shots), and continuously. Cartridge to be used: with steel-core bullet, with tracer bullet, with increased penetration bullet. The assault rifle features a stamped and riveted receiver, a cycle retarder increasing th e fire accuracy.


Caliber, mm 7.62
Cartridge (model 1943) 7.62x39
Sighting range, m 1,000
Battle range, m 350
Muzzle velocity, m/s 715
Cyclic rate of fire, rds/min 600
Combat rate of fire, rds/min
     single shots 40
     bursts 100
Length, mm
     overall w/bayonet 1,020
     overall w/o bayonet 880
     sight radius 378
     barrel 415
     rifled bore 369
Number of rifling grooves 4
Magazine capacity, rds 30
Weight w/unloaded magazine, w/o knife-bayonet kg 3,1
Weight of magazine, kg 0,25
Weight of knife-bayonet w/scabbard, kg 0,45


AKM Kalashnikov modernized assault rifle, cal. 7.62mm 1
Magazine 4
Knife-bayonet 1
Carrying sling 1
Oiler 1
Set of accessories 1
Pouch 1
Service manual one set for one lot if
otherwise is not
specified in the Contract
Catalogue of parts and assembly units
Standard list of spare parts

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